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Stranger Things Cast: One Of These Stars Is Canadian

Can you guess who?

If you have yet to watch Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things," be prepared to fall in love with the entire cast. Seriously, it's hard to pick a favourite.

But one star in particular stood out for us when we found out he's Canadian. Yup, Finn Wolfhard (who also has the best name ever!) was born in Vancouver.


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The 13-year-old plays Mike Wheeler, the serious, nerdy kid who is determined to help El and find their missing friend, Will.

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Wolfhard grew up on the west side of Vancouver and decided to get into show business when he was eight years old. Not really surprising, considering his dad writes screenplays on the side (his day job is doing research on Aboriginal land claims).

"My dad, who is a screenwriter, showed me all these great movies. He showed me 'E.T.' when I was two years old, and I just kind of progressed from there," the teen told Indie Wire. "It was also my brother. We’d always watch movies together, and he’d do these voices and he’d always want to do skits and he’d come up with stuff with me. And I don’t think I’d be where I am now if it wasn’t for my dad and my mom and my brother, because they all combined and formed my love for filmmaking, because they all encouraged filmmaking in the house."

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And, yes, Finn Wolfhard is his real name.

"It's my given, full name. Finn's not short for anything; it's just Finn Wolfhard," he told Vulture. "And then Wolfhard means, I think, heart of the wolf in German. What's funny is I'm German, but then I'm like French — I’m French and German and then Jewish. It's really weird. I have really weird blood. And then I go to Catholic school, which is really weird."

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So where does Wolfhard go from here?

Given that Wolfhard only has three other acting credits, "Stranger Things" was truly his breakout role. He just wrapped shooting the remake of "It." While he has no shortage of opportunities, he's still getting used to his newfound fame.

“I went to this AOL livestream thing and people were lined up out front screaming, ‘Finn! Finn!’ And I was like, ‘Uh, I don’t like this,’” he told My City Life magazine in an interview. “It’s totally gratifying, but it’s also weird to think that people want to come up to me.”

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