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Summer BBQ Recipes For Kids And Parents That Are Easy To Grill

Because you deserve more than hot dogs.

The summer grilling season could not come at a better time. COVID-19 pandemic food fatigue is at an all-time high (there are only so many breads to bake!) and the socially distant backyard get-togethers are ramping up in reopened provinces.

But firing up the grill may be daunting for families who may need to balance the food preferences of kids with their very valid exhaustion. You deserve more than hot dogs!

That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite BBQ recipes that takes as little prep work and kitchenware as possible — washing multiple pots and pans defeats the convenience of grilling, in our humble opinion — and cater to tastebuds of any age.

Our biggest tip? Have compound butter on hand

If you have 10 minutes to spare and leftover herbs, HuffPost Canada’s very own senior video editor Brian Trinh suggests quickly whipping up this delicious ingredient. Compound butter (softened butter mixed with sweet or savoury ingredients) is versatile enough for sauces or for transforming any grilled meat or veggie dish with a melty helping of flavour goodness.

Get the recipe: Sister Spice. They recommend using unsalted, European-style butter as the base and parchment paper to wrap your infused log.

1. Hamburger sliders

Apart from mixing the slider meat filling with optional seasonings, this takes little preparation and brings maximum juiciness. Plus, the bite-sized portions are perfect for kids who can’t finish full-sized burgers.

Get the recipe: Yellow Bliss Road

2. Grilled mini pizzas

This 20-minute recipe can be customized for the pickiest of eaters. If a pizza sauce takes too much energy, a store-bought BBQ sauce can be just as delightful.

Get the recipe: DIY Passion

3. Sausage and shrimp kabobs

Shrimp cooks lightning fast and paired with smoked sausage, makes for a delicious skewer ready in mere minutes. Removing the shells is an optional step, but those in a rush can substitute with prepackaged deshelled shrimp.

Get the recipe: Gimme Some Grilling

4. Steak fajitas

No need to work over a hot stove for this grilled version of a weeknight classic. A 30-minute spice marinade adds a tantalizing kick, but can be skipped (or substituted for taco seasoning) if your young ones like milder meals.

Get the recipe: Two Peas & Their Pod

5. Easy cauliflower kabobs

Even vegetable haters will admit defeat after tasting this crispy dish. Cauliflower crevices will soak up sauce, making them irresistible to snack on. If the half-hour sauce-making process drags on, store-bought dressings that use soy sauce can be just as delicious.

Get the recipe: Eat Well 101

6. Grilled corn salad

This party-pleaser is the furthest thing from a bagged salad bore. It’s especially good for kids who crave grilled corn, but have trouble chomping on the cob.

Get the recipe: Food with Feeling

7. Foil-wrapped chicken enchilada

Foil packet recipes are the champs of no-fuss cooking. Simply wrap chicken, beans, cooked rice, and your choice of seasonings in aluminum foil, wait, and serve.

Get the recipe: Eating on a Dime

8. Foil-wrapped teriyaki

If you’re craving Teriyaki chicken from your favourite restaurant, you can easily whip up a homecooked version in this versatile recipe. Chicken, snap peas, and broccoli are popular ingredients, but feel free to swap out for your protein and greens of choice.

Get the recipe: Life Made Sweeter

9. Grilled chicken wings

No reason to mess with a family favourite. To amp up the flavour with minimal effort, this recipe calls for a Ziploc bag marinade and using cherry wood if your grill allows.

Get the recipe: Craving Tasty

10. Brown sugar grilled peaches

Peaches char wonderfully and pair well with brown sugar for a refreshing twist on an ice cream topping.

Get the recipe: Spend with Pennies

11. Grilled carrots

Who says veggies can’t be dessert? Brown sugar makes a comeback in this recipe. Be sure to swipe on the glaze towards the end and right before plating, as you don’t want the carrots to burn.

Get the recipe: Vindulge

12. S’Mores Dip

A cast iron skillet is the secret weapon in many home cooks’ arsenals and helps make mouth-watering creations when used over a grill. If campfire dessert cravings are strong, this recipe makes a generous serving of gooey marshmellow sweetness.

Get the recipe: Penny Pinchin’ Mom

13. Grilled dessert pizza

Pizza crust yeast is the speedy star of this recipe, but if kneading isn’t up your alley, a slightly grilled pita bread should be just as effective as a toasty vehicle for sweet toppings.

Get the recipe: Shugary Sweets

14. Grilled fruit skewers

If your fridge is overflowing with summer fruits like pineapple and watermelon, grilling them can put a refreshing spin on the healthy stuff. This recipe also gives stone fruit, like peaches and nectarines, major kudos for being delectable.

Get the recipe: Real Simple Good

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