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Summer Party Primers: How To Transform Your Patio Into Party Central

Planning The Perfect Patio Party
Aney Mei

Summer is upon us, and that means one thing: Patio Parties! While drinks and snacks are a given, what often goes ignored is the unsung hero of every successful party: decor. From choosing the right decorations to fit your intended mood, to the specific challenges around throwing a party exposed to the elements, we asked a handful of our Style contributors for their favourite pieces of patio decor. They delivered in spades, and we're passing their wisdom on to you. Happy hosting!

Aney Mei
Subtle elegance and fruity simplicity were the key inspirations behind Aney Mei's sunday brunch themed party. Check out the great view from her patio, as well!
Sarah Ohm
Pulling off a patio party in the big city is a tricky prospect, but Sarah Ohm has found a handful of clever ways to throw a great shindig with limited balcony space.
Busola Coutts
Showing a true flair for decoration, Busola Coutts shows us how to theme your patio party around colour accents, and the results speak for themselves.
Emily Hayward
By embracing patterns and subtle embellishments, Emily Hayward has found a great way to upgrade the typical backyard BBQ.
Morgan Cadenhead
By moving towards natural lighting and fresh flowers, Morgan Cadenhead has brought a sense of nature into her patio decor, to great results.
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