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Summer Smoothies Recipes: 6 New Must-Have Ingredients

6 New Ingredients For A Healthy Smoothie

Strawberries and bananas? We're over them.

Yes, adding fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries to your smoothie can make them healthier, but it can also get repetitive. Instead, mixing veggies (yes, you can hide the taste), flax seeds and even green tea are quick ways to keep your breakfast interesting and stay energized during the summer heat.

We talked to Jamba Juice chairman and CEO of the Canadian Juice Company, Master Franchisor for Jamba Juice in Canada Aaron Serruya about some must-have smoothie ingredients that can revamp any average drink.

Turns out you can have a tasty smoothie that makes your body feel better. Here's your ingredient cheat sheet:

Coconut Water

6 Ingredients For A Healthy Smoothie

Coconut water

“Coconut water is a fresh tasting and delicious addition to a smoothie, not to mention it’s naturally hydrating and contains electrolytes. Perfect for that extra refreshment during hot summer weather.”


“Pumping up your smoothie with a full serving of vegetables is a delicious way to make sure you get the nutrients and vitamins you require. Beets, carrots, broccoli, spinach and kale can all be added to a fruit smoothie to create unique (and tasty) flavour combinations.”

Flax And Fibre

“Adding a boost of flax and fibre to a smoothie is an excellent source of ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid), Omega-3 and fatty acids which have many benefits including heart, brain, joint and digestive health.”

The 3 Gs

“The 3 G’s – green tea, guarana and ginseng -- help sharpen your mind and invigorate your body. They have natural caffeine which helps you stay focused, alert and can easily be added to any smoothie for a boost of energy.”

Whey Protein

“Whey protein is the formulation preferred by athletes. Adding just 10 grams of protein with essential amino acids helps build muscle and assist workout recovery. A great addition to a smoothie after a long run or playing outdoor sports.”

Acai Juice

“Acai berries taste great in smoothies and are an effective antioxidant and excellent source of vitamin C.”

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