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The Most Gorgeous Weddings We’ve Stalked On Instagram This Summer

We're not ashamed to admit it.
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It's so easy to fall in love with weddings. From the gorgeous gowns to stunning venues to, of course, the heartwarming love stories, there's so much to obsess over.

This summer, we saw our fair share of stunning weddings, from celebrities like Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli to Canadian locals like Rima Khullar and husband Tushar. Each couple stole our hearts with their unique nuptials and aww-worthy photos.

If you're just as wedding-crazed as we are, we've rounded up the 13 most gorgeous weddings we've stalked on Instagram this summer so that you can too! (You're welcome.)

1. Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli

Samira Wiley, known for "Orange Is The New Black" and "The Handmaid's Tale," may have tied the knot in March, but we've been obsessing over her wedding photos all summer long. Not only did she and her wife, Lauren Morelli, stun in their gorgeous bridal attire, but the love they have for each other is apparent in every single photo from their big day. We can't look away!

Cool factor: The skirt of Wiley's ball gown was removable, and she opted for a shorter, form-fitting skirt to hit dance floor.

See more photos from the wedding here and here.

2. Lindsay McKellar & Zach

Yep, we admit it. We fully stalked this couple on Instagram. But how could we not after seeing the stunning photo above by Black Owl Photography?

Turns out, the couple is Canadian. Lindsay McKellar and her husband Zach tied the knot in July in Peachland, B.C. Clearly, the newlyweds made the right choice in choosing Canada's lush landscape as the backdrop for their wedding. Plus, how suave do these groomsmen look? They get an A+ in our books!

See more photos from the wedding here.

3. Lisa Bühler & Louis

Lisa Bühler and her bridesmaids are serious #squadgoals, which is why we're obsessed with her wedding! Bühler's girls wore a mix of floral and solid-coloured gowns to match her chic off-shoulder dress and free-spirited vibes.

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And before she tied the knot, Bühler, who is the founder of online retailer Lisa Says Gah, gifted each of her gals a custom heart-shaped necklace engraved with their names, Martha Weddings reports. If that isn't the true definition of sisterhood, we don't know what is!

See more photos from the wedding here or follow the hashtag #lisasaysido.

4. Rima Khullar & Tushar

Rima Khullar's unique style is what drew us to her wedding photos. Khullar and her husband Tushar had a traditional Hindu ceremony on June 16. After they officially became husband and wife, Khullar sported a badass leather jacket with the words "Just Married" hand-lettered on the back.

Khullar's wedding is just one of over 20 nuptials that the jacket has been to, making her outfit particularly special. (Read more about that here.) Besides her unique style, we were captivated by all the beautiful candid moments that were caught on camera.

See more photos from the wedding here or check out the hashtag #tushima2017.

5. Adrian Homer & Harrison Guy

This has to be one of our favourite summer wedding stories! Texas couple Adrian Homer and Harrison Guy fell in love after meeting at a fraternity in 2007. Ten years later, the two wore matching merlot tuxedos as their moms walked them down the aisle.

The grooms crowned each other at their end of the ceremony, since their wedding theme was two kings. And to make this story even sweeter, Homer and Guy tied the knot in front of not only their friends and family, but a few frat brothers too.

See more photos from the wedding here or check out the hashtag #homerguy2crowns.

6. Brittany Daniel & Adam Touni

The "Sweet Valley High" alum and her partner Adam Touni said "I do" in July at The Carondelet House, a stunning Italian villa in Los Angeles. Naturally, their wedding photos were stunning with the rustic venue as their backdrop. Plus, Daniel wore a custom-made Trish Peng lace gown that we're still ogling over.

One of our favourite photos from the wedding is of the newlyweds with Daniel's twin sister Cynthia and her hubby Cole Hauser. We especially love the "Friends" vibes the quartet is giving us in the photo above.

See more photos from the wedding here and here.

7. Amy Xia & Curtis Miu

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This couple's nuptials looked like something straight out of a magazine. Their picture-perfect wedding was held at The Saskatoon Farm in Calgary. We loved that the reception was held outdoors and that the décor was simple, yet modern.

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But the highlight of the couple's wedding was definitely the photo above, which is what caught our eye. How adorable are these two sharing a dance? The candid moment almost reminds us of Jack and Rose's iconic below-the-deck number in "Titanic."

See more photos from the wedding here or follow the hashtag #mrandmrsmiu.

8. Jess & James Nakrayko

Remember this viral moment? We're still not over it! When Saskatoon resident Jess Nakrayko held her wedding in Jamaica in April, she helped her best friend Jessica Kieley get engaged to the man of her dreams.

When it was time to throw the bouquet, new bride Nakrayko walked up to her BFF and told her to turn around so that Kieley's boyfriend, Adam Brake, could propose. The result was an incredible proposal story and some very memorable photos.

See more photos from the wedding here and read more about the engagement story here.

9. Emily Wilson & Adhir Kalyan

Our hearts are melting just looking at this photo of groom Adhir Kalyan seeing his bride Emily Wilson for the first time on their wedding day. Naturally, he was speechless. Honestly, we would be too. Just look at that dress!

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Wilson, who is the co-host of the docuseries "The Hero Effect," also shared a plenty of candid moments on her Instagram page, including the one above of her and her new hubby busting a move.

See more photos from the wedding here and here.

10. Ksenia Tsaritsina & Aleksey Shapovalov

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Model Ksenia Tsaritsina married Russian multibillionaire Aleksey Shapovalov this month, after Shapovalov proposed with a 70-carat ring worth US$8 million! As expected, the photos from the ceremony were unreal!

Besides having two incredibly detailed wedding gowns, the extravagant affair also included thousands of flowers, a floating eight-tier cake and Russian rock band Leningrad as entertainment.

See more photos from the wedding here and here.

11. Rubina & Ziryan

Bride Rubina looked like a bohemian queen in her off-the-shoulder wedding gown, which was covered in lace.

We loved that she gave us sneak peaks at her gorgeous wedding accessories, and that she incorporated something blue in all her wedding décor.

See more photos from the wedding here and or follow the hashtag #rubyandzforever.

12. Jessica & Willie

Now this is a wedding party who knows how to have fun! We were instantly drawn to this group's excitement and energy. Based on this Instagram photo, it looks like U.S. couple Jessica and Willie tied the knot at Ventanas, a rooftop venue in Atlanta.

This wedding crew certainly knows how to slay a group photo. Plus, the variation of styles and colours of their dresses and suits were coordinated incredibly well.

See more photos from the wedding here or follow the hashtag #LoveOliverMe.

13. Victoria Swarovski & Werner Mürz

Victoria Swarovski, the heiress to the Austrian-based crystal company, married her longtime boyfriend Werner Mürz in June. Swarovski wore a custom wedding gown by Michael Cinco that was covered in her family's crystals.

But the highlight was the fact that the train of her gown measured six meters long! While that doesn't quite rival Princess Diana's, which was 7.62 meters, it's certainly still outstanding on its own.

See more photos from the wedding here and here.

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