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Super Bowl Ads 2020: The Big Game Commercials Everyone Was Talking About

Behold: the ads that kept us glued to our sofas.

The Super Bowl is a heady combination of nail-biting football, quality snacks, high-production entertainment at the half-time show, and, last but not least, the ads — the very expensive ads.

This year’s crop of commercials had all the usual suspects: blockbuster movie trailers, heartwarming patriotism, quirky celebrity spots ... with a little CanCon in the mix. Some homegrown faces made it into some U.S. big-brand Big Game ads, proving yet again that “Schitt’s Creek” has earned its place beside “Degrassi” as the Canadian TV crossover hit.

Which Super Bowl commercial was your favourite? Weigh in in the comments below.

The trailers

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ trailer

He’s baaaaaaaack. Tom Cruise reprises his role as everyone’s favourite jet pilot and legit does not look any different than he did in the first “Top Gun.” Lots of heavy breathing and spinning in this spot.

‘F9: Fast And Furious 9’ trailer

They’re baaaaaaaack. Did they ever really leave, though? In this ninth instalment of the beloved franchise, Vin Diesel and crew drive fast and, yes, furiously and are joined by Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren.

‘Black Widow’ trailer

“The Avengers weren’t my first family,” says Scarlett Johansson sombrely — and maybe ominously — in this trailer for the newest adventure in the Marvel universe, which focuses on, you guessed it, the Black Widow.

‘Mulan’ final trailer

“Who is this girl I see?” Mulan is ready to fight in the name of her father, and this final trailer for the live-action remake of the beloved Disney movie is, in a word: Epic.

‘Hunters’ on Amazon Prime Video

This trailer for the new series about a group of Nazi hunters in the ’70s determined to find the Nazis living among average, everyday Americans is truly chilling. Director Jordan Peele brings the terror once again.

Celebrity spots

Bill Murray in Jeep’s ‘Groundhog Day’ redux

There’s something new about this day that repeats and repeats and repeats, just like in the 1993 movie turned cult classic, and actor Bill Murray carpes every diem in this super fun take.

Jason Momoa for Rocket Mortgage

We know Jason Momoa for his role as the mighty Khal Drogo in “Game Of Thrones.” The reluctant-yet-heroic-and-very-fast-swimmer Aquaman. Lisa Bonet’s husband. But who is he in the comfort of his own home? The answer may shock you.

Mr. Peanut’s funeral

Two words: Baby Nut.

Rick and Morty for Pringles

Adult toon favourites Rick and Morty take on Pringle-stacking robots, and the results are hilarious and a little unsettling, but flavourful!

Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch for Hyundai: Smaht Pahk

There’s some dispute as to whether this spot, which riffs on a Bostonian accent and features actors with ties to the city, uses the word “wicked” correctly per local lingo. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck, care to weigh in?

Lil Nas X vs. Sam Elliott for Doritos: The Cool Ranch

There can only be one winner in the dance-off between Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott. But it’s close.

MC Hammer for Cheetos: Can’t Touch This

’Nuff said. Oh, and did you know Cheetos makes popcorn now?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend for Genesis: Going Away Party

The always hilarious Chrissy Teigen has some choice lines in this send-up of old luxury. If only her hubs John Legend could get his timing right.

The Canadians

Emily Hampshire for Tide

Emily Hampshire of “Schitt’s Creek” fame makes us wary of wearing a light-coloured shirt ever again. But fear not: Tide’s got your food-stained back.

Michael Bublé for Bubly water

Remember when Michael Bublé got busted with a Sharpie rebranding Bubly water during the last Super Bowl? This ad didn’t air during the game, but the day after, and dude’s at it again, and he’s set his sights on something bigger this time.

Ryan Reynolds: ‘Free Guy’ trailer

What would a Super Bowl be without Ryan Reynolds? Probably more or less the same, tbh, but Canadians were treated to a shortened version of the trailer of Reynolds’ upcoming flick. One liners? You betcha.

Lilly Singh for Olay: #MakeSpaceForWomen

“Is there enough space in space for women?” Who better to send up in space to bust that old question than former Superwoman and now late-night host Lilly Singh? She gets a little help from Taraji P. Henson, Busy Philipps, Katie Couric and actual astronaut Nicole Stott.

The Tearjerkers

Google: Loretta

How do you keep the memory of the love of your life alive after she’s gone? Google has some answers, and they’ll all make you cry.

Budweiser: Typical American

Watch out for those typical Americans. They might up and go do something truly extraordinary.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story implied that Michael Bublé’s commercial for Bubly water aired during the Super Bowl. It aired the following day.

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