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Superwoman And Humble The Poet's #Leh Video Sums Up The Reality Of Annoying Millennials

Canadian Rapping Duo Nails The Ridiculousness Of Many Gen Y Kids

Hate your parents but still live at home without paying rent? Leh. Spend a ton of money on designer things, but still have a hefty amount of student debt to pay off? Leh. If you're unfamiliar with the term "leh," it's time you got up to speed, because you'll be hearing a lot of it.

In a hilarious music video by Canadian YouTube comedian Superwoman (Lilly Singh) and Canadian rapper Humble the Poet (Kanwar Singh), the duo use the phrase (which basically means disapproval or "pfft" in Punjabi and other South Asian slang) to sum up the reality (and ridiculousness) of many young people today.

You know, those kids who roll around in their parents' cars pretending they own them, or those drama queens who post duckface pictures on Instagram without filters. Leh.

In the music video, which is made to look like a stereotypical rap music video (think hot car, hot people and making it rain), the video goes from the two rappers singing on a glossy and glamorous set, to kicking it back in lawn chairs and eating pizza with their friends — reality, folks.

And while it goes over everything you probably did in your 20s (or still do), like drunk text your ex and OMG those days when you constantly gossiped, the video is a funny reminder of how simple life could be before adulthood.

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