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Surrender Your Say: Twitter Users Raise Awareness Of Tourette Syndrome

A Brilliant Campaign Raises Awareness Of Tourette's

Over the last few days you may have seen some odd tweets with the #SurrenderYourSay hashtag. Don't be alarmed. Your friend wasn't hacked.

The twitter user was actually participating in a brilliant online campaign being run by the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada that borrows a user's twitter account for 24 hours and posts garbled tweets on their behalf.

"Imagine if you Tweeted something embarrassing, offensive, or just plain weird - and you had no control over it. That’s what it’s like to have Tourette Syndrome," the Surrender Your Say site writes.

According to the CBC, each of the tweets is based on something a real person with Tourette's has said. The foundation has also created a series of videos that tell the stories of Canadians with the syndrome.

"Tourette Syndrome is one of the most misrepresented and misunderstood of disorders. The way the media portrays it, means that people rarely see beyond the bad language, and don't recognize the difficulty suffered by people living with Tourette Syndrome," writes Rich Wand, one of the people participating in the campaign.

The campaign has attracted attention from Twitter notables like Stephen Fry and a number of Canadian journalists.

As of Thursday morning, more than 6,700 people have joined in the campaign. Their tweets have reached some three million people.

Here are more examples of those #SurrenderYourSay tweets:

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