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Surrey 'Campaign' Video Highlights City Where No 'God-Fearing Man Would Dare To Step'

Unflattering Surrey Video Is Fake: Mayoral Candidate

Surrey mayoral candidate Doug McCallum says he has no connection with a YouTube video that depicts the City of Surrey as a dirty, unsafe place where "no God-fearing man would dare step."

The video was posted to YouTube under a "Safe Surrey" account, but McCallum told CKNW it has nothing to do with his Safe Surrey Coalition party.

It begins by portraying Surrey as an ideal place to live but changes tone as the narrator says, "This is the real Surrey" over images of homeless people and piles of garbage, and sounds of gunshots and screaming.

The footage ends with the narrator calling for "someone to step up. Someone who is going to be tough on crime" over a picture of McCallum and other Safe Surrey candidates.

A fake Twitter account promoted the video on Monday.

"We are clueless as to who is behind it, what their motivations are, if they are associated with another campaign or not," McCallum's campaign spokesman Jonathan Ross told CBC News.

The fake Twitter account, which started in 2012, has more 1,400 followers, while the party's official Twitter account has just 100.

McCallum has asked Twitter to shut down the fake account numerous times, according to CKNW.

"We want to get it closed down, because it certainly doesn’t represent us, and it is a concern to us that someone is using our name inappropriately."

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