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Tall Canadian Celebrities To Help You Keep A Safe Social Distance

Just picture Ryan Reynolds lying down on the sidewalk between you and someone else.

It might be hard sometimes to remember to keep a safe, physical distance away from someone is during the COVID-19 pandemic, unless you walk with a tape measure all the time.

Physically distancing has been a constant recommendation during the pandemic and as businesses have been slowly reopening, it’s not an uncommon sight to see a sticker and decal on the floor marking out the recommended six feet between people.

But in downtown Toronto, a company called Public Inc. figured out a pretty easy way to keep people vigilant about distancing — put Tom Hanks in between them.

The actor, who was one of the earlier high-profile cases of COVID-19 and who measures six feet in height, has been printed on to life-size decals and stuck on the ground outside liquor stores.

But why should the burden of adequate physical distancing be all on Tom Hanks’ tall but American shoulders? We have plenty of homegrown celebrities who can share the load.

If you need a reminder of what a safe, six-foot distance looks like, take a look at some Canadian celebrities who can help you out in the slideshow below:

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
NBC via Getty Images
Standing at a whopping 6'5", the half-Canadian 'Jumanji' star is a good place to start if you need to keep your space. Known for his charismatic wrestling years and roles in star-studded action flicks, invoking Johnson's height could stop you from being between a rock and a hard place during social distancing dilemmas.
Gregory Shamus via Getty Images
If you're going to be running through the '6ix' keep at least one Drake-length distance of 6 feet between you and your friends.
Ryan Reynolds
Jason Mendez via Getty Images
The Vancouver-born actor, who is 6'2", is a fitting example because he's been using his celebrity status to raise funds to fight COVID-19. He donated personal protective equipment to Nova Scotia's victims and used his undeniable charm to spread awareness about the virus.
Brooke Lynn Hytes
Emma McIntyre/E! Entertainment via Getty Images
Category distancing, and 6'2" drag superstar Brooke Lynn Hytes is here to show you how it's done. Observe Hytes in all her glory, maintaining a safe distance on the red carpet before the pandemic was even a thing.
Scott Moir
Jean Catuffe via Getty Images
Canadian skating champion Scott Moir has captivated audiences for years on the ice with his 5'10" stature. OK, he's a little under the social distancing requirements, but add in the height of Olympic partner Tessa Virtue in a lift, you're bound to be a safe distance away.
Keanu Reeves
Yuichi Yamazaki via Getty Images
Keanu Reeves has proven that he can pretty much do anything so why not help you physically distance as well?
Simu Liu
George Pimentel via Getty Images
He's about to be Marvel's hottest new hero as 'Shang-Chi' and has been on the forefront of Asian representation. The six-foot-tall star, who's also been calling out anti-Asian racism during COVID-19, is a fitting representation of being safe and cool.
Chris Boucher
Vaughn Ridley via Getty Images
If you want to be extra, extra safe — picture Raptor Chris Boucher's 6'9" frame. It's a slam dunk towards social distancing safety.
Ryan Gosling
Randy Holmes via Getty Images
If this photo could speak, it would say, "Hey girl, for our safety and the safety of those around us, I'm going to need to you get six feet away from me." It works out because it's exactly the former Disney star's height.
Hayley Wickenheiser
Rene Johnston via Getty Images
Hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser retired from the sport in 2017, but the 5'10" player has been busy. She teamed up with fellow Canadian and social distancing-height appropriate icon Ryan Reynolds to join 'Conquer COVID-19,' a charity drive initiative that collects personal protective equipment for health-care workers.
Will Arnett
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images
The 6'2" comedian is known for his deep voice and dry wit, and you can try to impersonate his beloved "BoJack Horseman" character when you tell someone to stay at least one "Will Arnett" away from you. He's also teamed up with other Canadian celebrities during the pandemic for a charity broadcast that raised money for food banks across the country.
Joshua Jackson
Emma McIntyre via Getty Images
Oh, Pacey! Thank you for helping us keep our space(y). Can-con icon Joshua Jackson, pictured here with his also very tall wife Jodie Turner-Smith, is 6'2". The actor recently became a father during the pandemic.
P.K. Subban
Bruce Bennett via Getty Images
An incredible defenseman on the ice, you can apply Subban's six-foot height to your own defense mechanisms against COVID-19.
Shawn Mendes
Amy Sussman via Getty Images
This one's for Gen-Z! If you don't know who any of these other old Canadians are, then look no further than singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. He's 6'2", so there's no excuse to be to close.
Jim Carrey
Rachel Murray via Getty Images
Jim Carrey and Sonic the Hedgehog are not demonstrating good social distancing procedure over here, but if Carrey were to apply his 6'2" height in between them, it'd be a lot better.
Elon Musk
picture alliance via Getty Images
The billionaire space travel entrepreneur is focused on literally getting as far from Earth as possible (Mars!) but when it comes to physical distancing, there's no need for it to be that drastic. Keeping a unit of one Musk away, that is 6'2", will suffice.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
DAVE CHAN via Getty Images
He's already warned the nation that wearing masks could prevent people from "speaking moistly" at you. Take that tip and keep a Trudeau-sized space away from people to follow the guidelines of Canada's 6'2" prime minister.

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