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Target Australia's Newest Bikini Ad Celebrates Body Positivity And Diversity

Yes to diversity!

Target Australia has just released its latest bikini ad, and it's making waves for all the right reasons.

The swimwear advertisement, which appears in the brand's Christmas catalogue, features six very different women, proving diversity in fashion isn't such a bad thing after all.

Yay for looking good and feeling great this summer! We have a huge range of swimwear styles for all body shapes.

Posted by Target Australia on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

However, this bikini ad takes the representation one step further by including a model in her 50s, who The Huffington Post has ID-ed as Mel Brady.

Brady took to Instagram to share more photos of the spread, writing "The images have gone #viral gathering a lot of attention because of the #sizediversity and more importantly to me #agediversity target have embraced."

She continues, "Many comments have been made about us all being #realwomen ..well it's my opinion we're all real no matter our size shape age or colour 👊🙌 it's really all about #confidence #lovetheskinyourin."

Brady also reveals the images feature little Photoshop and retouching, aside from some slight evening out of the skin tone "due to spray tans" and the digital removal of tattoos.

A photo posted by Mel Brady (@missbrady) on

So far, the ad has been a huge success, with Target Australia's Facebook fans leaving positive comments on the photo.

"Thank you for using models of all shapes, sizes and ages. How refreshing to see women in their uniqueness being embraced and loving their bodies," wrote on user. "I imagine this will inspire to be less self-conscious and love their bodies that little bit more, well done Target!"

Another wrote, "I am overjoyed at your representation of all body types in your advertisements! I saw another one in store today and I almost cried with happiness!! We need more retailers to stand up for their customers by supporting their body image!"

Happy holidays, indeed.

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