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Target Canada Video: 'We Think We Have Disappointed Our Canadian Guests'

Target Canada Confesses All In Video

Target Canada has released a video in which staffers talk bluntly about the company’s problems.

“We think that we have disappointed our Canadian guests,” Target legal counsel Damien Little says at one point.

Other staffers discuss the company’s supply-chain problems that led to the now-famous empty shelves problem that has plagued the company and its reputation in Canada.

The company told the National Post the video is unscripted, and is not part of any ad campaign. It had started out as an internal video before Target’s newly appointed president for Canada, Mark Schindele, tweeted it out.

Some of the comments are downright blunt. At one point, a Target recruiter reads out a text message he received from a customer: ““If you want a second chance with Canadian customers, live up to the motto. You can’t say ‘expect more’.”

Target’s latest earnings report showed the company has lost more than $1.5 billion on its Canadian operations so far, which saw the first stores open in the spring of 2013. The company had anticipated turning a profit before the end of its first year.

A day before the earnings report last month, Target Canada’s president, Tony Fisher, was abruptly fired. The Minneapolis-based company also replaced its CEO last month. Although Gregg Steinhafel’s departure from the top job was largely blamed on the company’s credit card security breach earlier this year, analysts suggested the struggling Canadian launch played a part as well.

Some analysts have suggested the company may have to back out of Canada if it doesn't turn its fortunes around soon.

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