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Tattooed Seniors Prove They Just Get Better With Age (PHOTOS)

Tattooed Seniors Are Totally Bad-Ass

Ever seen a tattoo on someone and thought, "But what about when they get old?" Us too. But we think we might be able to change your tune.

In a series of photos posted on imgur, user cheezeburgerholddacheeze proves that old people with tattoos look just as bad-ass as any twenty-something covered in ink.

The first image shows a bearded man with a torso and arms full off tattoos, sporting some serious nipple rings, a septum piercing and some Terry Richardson-esque glasses. He's posing against a black background, which really makes his ink pop -- especially the double snakes adorning his collarbone.

In another shot, we see an older woman with glamourous grey hair showing off her tatts (and killer body) in the tiniest black thong. Her tattoos run from the top of her back to just below her hips, and yep, they still look great.

But one of our favourite pics definitely has to be the split-screen of a fully tattooed man both dressed and undressed; it's proof that things aren't always what they seem.

We can only hope to be as cool as them when we grow up.

Tattooed Seniors

Tattooed Seniors

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