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Taylor Swift And Madonna Rock The Stage Together At iHeartRadio Music Awards

Forgot the 30-plus years that divide them — Madonna and Taylor Swift are more than happy to completely own a stage together.

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, the pair performed an acoustic version of Madonna's "Ghosttown" off her recent "Rebel Heart" album, remaining sitting for much of the performance but nevertheless becoming the highlight of the evening. While Swift primarily played guitar and only joined in on singing the chorus, the duo's glances at each other throughout made it clear they were both thrilled to be doing this together.

And though Swift is obviously the current belle of the music ball, we could see she was fangirling just as hard as we would be when performing with the original Material Girl. Sure, she may have been 11 months old when Madonna's classic "Immaculate Collection" was released, but that just has to mean it was probably some of her first music education.

They ended with kisses on the cheek that we're happy to admit we preferred over Madonna's big smooches in years past. After all, this more mature, more chill Madonna knows you don't need tongue to make a statement — legitimate girl power will do that for you.

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