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TD Thanks You Campaign Proves Banks Have Hearts Too

Isn't it time your bank gave you something for a change?

In the most heartwarming PR stunt of all time, TD Canada Trust gave away gifts to special customers on July 25, turning their well-known Green Machine ATMs into "automated thanking machines." There's really nothing we can say that isn't conveyed in this incredibly well-executed video below (posted on July 24), so yes, we're just allowing this ad to do its thing and roll. And trust us on this one — you'll want some tissue, especially around 3:12.

Meanwhile, it wasn't just about the gifts given via the machines' panels. TD embarked on a giant "we love our customers!" social media campaign, showcasing everything from staff selfies to longest customer awards:

And according to Mashable, anyone who was at a TD branch at 2 p.m. on that day was given a $20 bill, as was anyone using phone or online banking at that time. Over 20,000 envelopes of $20 were distributed at more than 1,000 TD branches across the country. Beautifully played, TD, beautifully played.

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