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Tessa Virtue On The Heartbreaking Reality For Girls In Sports

Getting females into sport early matters, the champion says.

Tessa Virtue has accomplished incredible things through sports. She has more than one Olympic gold medal and is one half of the most-decorated ice dancing team ever, for starters. And on a more personal level, she's developed strength, self-assurance, confidence in her body and its abilities through her many years on the ice.

But it isn't easy for all girls to get into sports, or to stay there. There are barriers and access gaps everywhere, and pressure to drop out if you're not excelling.

"Let's face it, there's just different access that young boys have to sport and teams than girls," Virtue told HuffPost Canada. "And I think that either you excel and you go into this high-performance stream, or you drop out."

In the video above, Virtue shares more on why it's so important to her to see girls in sports, and how she thinks more girls and women can "get moving."

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