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Make These Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas In A Slow Cooker Or Instant Pot

These recipes, from turkey to pumpkin pie, will save you time and oven space.

A heart-warming and stomach-satisfying day of family, friends, and food. Unless you’re the one making the meal, in which case you’re probably cordoned off in the kitchen basting a turkey for what feels like the rest of your life. Fun!

Luckily, there are some corners you can cut with the help of a few trusty appliances: a slow cooker and an Instant Pot. Try out these simple recipes for everything from turkey to pumpkin pie, and use the time you saved to join the family in their oddly competitive annual Trivial Pursuit tournament.

Or have a glass of wine alone in the kitchen, whatever.

Instant Pot turkey

Turkey ready in an hour? It's possible!
Turkey ready in an hour? It's possible!

You probably already knew your Instant Pot was basically a wizard, but did you know you could make a Thanksgiving turkey in there?

This sliced-turkey recipe from The Food Network calls for two turkey breasts and yields six-to-eight servings, so it’s better for a smaller crowd. But it’s roasted and ready in under an hour! Can you imagine? Oh, and there’s gravy.

Get the recipe: The Food Network

Crock-pot stuffing

It’s not Thanksgiving without stuffing, and this year we are thankful there’s a way to make it in the slow cooker.

This crock-pot stuffing recipe from Delish takes just 15 minutes of prep, then cooks away for four hours while you attend to other important matters. Like finally catching up on new episodes of “This is Us.”

Get the recipe: Delish

Instant Pot mashed potatoes

Elevate your mashed potatoes by making them in the Instant Pot.
Elevate your mashed potatoes by making them in the Instant Pot.

The secret to the fluffiest, creamiest mashed potatoes ever is — you guessed it — your Instant Pot.

Another goody from Delish, this recipe for IP mashed potatoes calls for milk, butter, and sour cream, so you KNOW they’re good!

Get the recipe: Delish

Slow-cooker roast carrots

Oh, and they're glazed.
Oh, and they're glazed.

Don’t forget the sides!

Glazed carrots are a Thanksgiving classic, and this recipe from The Chunky Chef lets you try making them in your slow cooker. Yes, it takes longer than it would to roast them the traditional way, but it frees up some precious oven space.

Get the recipe: The Chunky Chef

Pressure-cooker sweet-potato casserole

We're so hungry now.
We're so hungry now.

You’ve gotta have sweet potatoes.

This recipe for creamy sweet potato casserole in the pressure cooker from Pressure Cooking Today not only looks incredible, but it’s ready much faster than if you made it in the oven.

Get the recipe: Pressure Cooking Today

Crock-pot pumpkin pie


Yes, you can even make dessert in the slow cooker.

Cap off your delicious and convenient meal with this recipe for crock-pot pumpkin pie from Spicy Southern Kitchen. It even includes a crust (a lot of slow-cooker recipes don’t).

Get the recipe: Spicy Southern Kitchen

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