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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes That Look Tastier Than The Dinner Itself

Transform your leftovers into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

Is there anything better than Thanksgiving dinner? The creamy mashed potatoes, the savoury stuffing, the juicy turkey, all smothered in gravy and cranberry sauce?

Yes: living off the leftovers for the next week!

These recipes will make sure you don’t waste a single crumb of that delicious meal. Heck, some of these look better than the dinner itself. Get in our bellies, leftover bird!

Here are some delightful Thanksgiving leftover recipes that we’re very thankful for:

1. Thanksgiving ring

If you like it then you shoulda puta ring on it! Whoa, uh oh!
If you like it then you shoulda puta ring on it! Whoa, uh oh!

This Thanksgiving ring from Delish gives us feelings.

It’s basically the ultimate leftover sandwich, except served hot. In a crescent roll. With a gravy dipping sauce. WE WANT IT.

Get the recipe: Delish

2. Turkey cranberry brie grilled cheese

Here’s another fancy take on the leftovers sandwich. But better, because brie.

This recipe for turkey cranberry brie grilled cheese is gooey, melty, cheesy goodness, with the added sweetness from the cranberry sauce, and of course, that turkey. We want it RIGHT NOW.

Get the recipe: Will Cook for Smiles

3. Leftover turkey dinner hash


Transform your Thanksgiving dinner into breakfast with this recipe for leftover turkey dinner hash. This hash uses up your turkey, Brussels sprouts, green beans, mashed potatoes, and is topped with gravy and (omg) sriracha.

Get the recipe: Pickled Plum

4. Mashed potato waffles

We demand more leftovers breakfast recipes!

Turn any leftover potatoes into waffles with this Delish recipe for mashed potato waffles. You guys, they’re even topped with crumbled bacon.

Get the recipe: Delish

5. Creamy turkey soup with rice

Turkey soup is a classic way to use up your leftovers, but this recipe puts a bit of a spin on it by making it creamy.

It’s the perfect fall comfort food, it’s packed with flavour, and it’s ready in just 30 minutes.

Get the recipe: This Is Not Diet Food

6. Leftover sweet potato truffles

Thanksgiving leftovers that can be turned into a chocolate dessert? WE’RE LISTENING.

This recipe for leftover sweet potato chocolate truffles is everything that is right in the world. We have never heard of a better use for leftover sweet potatoes, and we doubt we ever will.

Get the recipe: Spoon University

7. Pumpkin pie milkshake

We see your pumpkin spice latte and raise you a pumpkin pie milkshake.

We all know there’s no such thing as leftover pumpkin pie, but there is such thing as leftover pumpkin pie filling. This recipe from Cutefetti transforms that filling into the most delightful milkshake we ever did see.

Get the recipe: Cutefetti

8. Healthy turkey quinoa bowls

Feel like you need something a little lighter after all that gravy?

This recipe for healthy turkey quinoa bowls uses up leftover turkey, sweet potato, and cranberry, but can also easily be made from scratch.

Get the recipe: Delicious Little Bites

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