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That 'First Kiss' Video That Had Strangers Kissing? Yeah, It's A Fashion Ad

'First Kiss' Video Is Actually A Fashion Ad


If you've been on Facebook or Twitter for the last 48 hours then chances are you've seen the wildly popular "First Kiss" video which features a group of super good-looking strangers kissing for the first time.

When it first went viral, we thought, "oh, what a sweet and heartwarming short film!" but it turns out, the video is actually a fashion advertisement for LA-based label Wren.

We weren't the only ones fooled: since March 10, the video has earned more than 23 million hits (!!!) with media outlets describing it as, "touching" (The Independent), "natural" (The Telegraph) and "breathtaking" (Liberty Voice).

The film, directed by Tatia Plleva, was in fact meant to not look like a fashion commercial even though it features 20 models, actors and singers (who, it's worth noting, are actually strangers).

Wren's founder and creative director Melissa Coker told Fashionista that the video was launched as part of's video fashion week.

“We make these fashion films every season,” Coker said. “I strive to make them an interesting film that exists on its own rather than something that feels like a commercial, and it seems to be touching people — not only people who are in fashion and would see this, but also random guys who aren’t connected at all. I’ve had random guys texting me, ‘I saw your video, it’s — and I’m probably not saying this right — on the cover of Reddit.’”

Despite the fact that it's an advertisement, the video is not only beautiful but a genius way to get Wren out there as a fashion label.


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