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Because healthy hair is always the most beautiful hair.

If you're addicted to your straightener or curling iron, you'll want to listen up.

Heat, as wonderful as it is for styling our locks, is incredibly damaging to our mane. Not only do hot styling tools (your blow dryer included!) dry out your hair, but they have also proven to completely ruin your hair colour.

That's where a heat protectant product for your hair comes in handy. Often referred to as "sunscreen" for your locks, heat protectants protect your locks from getting fried, replenish moisture and prevent split ends.

"Heat protectants are one of the most important products to have in your styling kit," celeb hairstylist Matthew Collins of Brennen Demelo Studio tells HuffPost Canada Style via email. "If you're going to blow dry or use any hot tool, I always urge my clients to use a heat protectant."

Collins suggests spraying or applying the product all over your mane when its dry.

"You don't need to apply to the roots, just the lengths and ends," he explains.

When using a spray, Collins advises holding the bottle as far away as possible when applying in order to get the best diffusion. Alternately, you could use a heat protectant cream, which can be worked through the lengths and ends of wet hair.

"The main advantage is it protects your hair against the heat of the blow dryer as well," he says.

Once you've applied either product throughout your hair, comb through for even application. And if you want extra effective results, Matthew suggests applying the product on each individual section before you style it.

Matthew's go-to product? CONSTRUCTOR by L'Oreal Professionnel.

"It protects and also seals the curls in for the longest lasting curl with a soft touch," he says.

For double protection, he starts off with SEVE Protectrice from L'Oreal Professionel's Mythic Oil collection on wet locks, then finishes up with the Constructor.

"Healthy hair is ALWAYS the most beautiful hair," he concludes.

We agree!

Check out our fave heat protectant products below:

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Sève Protectrice

Heat Protectant Hair Products

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