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The 10 Biggest Deceptions Of Christy Clark

As the provincial election is fast approaching it can be hard to keep up with or remember all the deceptions of Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals. So let's take a look at 10 of the biggest ones.

As the provincial election is fast approaching it can be hard to keep up with or remember all the deceptions of Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals. So let's take a look at 10 of the biggest ones.

10. Taxpayer funded partisan ads: Recently a video surfaced of Clark circa 1999 in Question Period at the Legislature going on a passionate rant about the government at that time spending $700,000 on ads promoting access to services, in essence saying it was a misuse of tax payer money.

Flash forward to this election season and a lawsuit filed against the B.C. government just this week that alleges Clark is spending $16 million tax payer money on ads to promote herself and the party.

9.Debt Free B.C.: In the 2013 election Clark ran on a campaign of a "debt free B.C." and despite bragging about her "balanced budgets" every year the fact is the real fiances are not so rosy. You can read here for a better break down of the complicated shell game system of our "hidden debt." This includes skewing numbers for instance they don't count BC Hydro's massive debt ($76 billion and growing) in the provinces' books but at the same time count BC Hydro's dividends as part of the provincial revenue.

8. LNG: After what seems like an eternity of having this LNG fantasy shoved in our face as being the savior of this province that will bring untold amounts of wealth and jobs. Years later we quite literally have nothing to show. Unless you count the $500 million of our tax dollars that have been moved into the "prosperity fund" a fund intended to hold all of them massive LNG revenue that never came about.

7.B.C. Jobs Plan: Another initiative we hear a lot of, yet I can honestly say I don't know one person who has benefited from. Ironically during the roll out of the jobs plan most people I knew were leaving for better paying jobs in Alberta, which since the crash have now come back to find even less jobs than when they left. Of course living on Vancouver Island I've also had the pleasure of witnessing first hand the 30,000 forestry jobs lost under the BC Liberals. Another thing that is never mentioned is that many of the jobs Clark brags about creating are part time, low paying jobs.

6. B.C.'s strong economy: You have probably heard the commercials proclaiming B.C. as having the best economy in all of Canada. In reality we have one of the highest child poverty in Canada, the highest wealth inequality in Canada, we are experiencing a huge increase in homelessness and food bank usage, we have a housing and rental shortage and a recent report shows B.C. has the WORST preforming economy for younger generations.

5. Health care firings: What started in 2012 with the Liberals suspending numerous health researchers for what they said at the time were privacy breech concerns ended with one researcher committing suicide. Five years later we still have no real answers and during the height of the media attention Clark and the Liberal used the "ongoing RCMP investigation" as reason not to answer any questions. Although later it was discovered that the RCMP were never actively investigating the case because the government never provided anything for them to investigate. A few of the other researchers have since settled out of court for wrongful dismissal and defamation suits.

4. Hacking accusations: Clark recently decided to pull a Trump move and accuse the NDP of hacking the Liberals to gain personal information -- without any actual proof. In reality the information was actually posted right on their website in the open- not even password protected- for anyone to see. Turns out that Vicki Huntington, an Independent MLA, was the one that raised the concerns about the sensitive information being viewable on their website.

3. Deaths and abuse of hundreds of children: For years the Ministry has been plagued with horror stories of rampant sexual abuse, neglect and deaths involving children within their care. A recent report says 120 children died in the ministries care just last year alone (that is one child dying every three days) not to mention the hundreds more that are subject to sexual abuse and the 741 "critical injuries" (that's two every day) in 2016. Despite this going on for pretty much the entirety of Clarks time as Premier she has taken no action whatsoever to improve these conditions for children, instead offering empty promises about "reviews" and "new procedures."

2.Wild West of political cash: Despite claiming to represent families best interests time and time again, a recent and damming report from the Globe and Mail highlighted how corporate and big money might actually be driving major decisions in B.C. In fact the lack of rules and morals around donations drew international attention when New York Times picked up the story and now an RCMP investigation is underway. When you consider such donations as the $771,000 in donations from Kinder Morgan, one has to wonder how much influence money can buy in B.C.

1. Families First: I'll admit she played it well campaigning on her "Families First" portraying herself as the hero that would come in and improve life's for families across B.C. Except she has done pretty much the exact opposite. From her policy of siphoning billions from BC Hydro, ICBC and MSP causing rates to steadily increase putting a further strain on families to her outright ignoring child poverty, falling down underfunded schools, a growing homelessness crisis, lack of affordable childcare and housing, I honestly struggle to find even one way she has improved life for families in B.C.

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