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The Best Bike Based on Your Child’s Interest

Spring and summer means barbequing in the backyard, sipping ice-cold drinks on the patio and spending time down by the water. If you're a kid, it means freedom and few things are more important than the freedom to bike around the neighbourhood on a nice, sunny day.

The big question for parents: how do you find a bike that's just right for your little one? Whether they're into superheroes or obsessed with the colour blue, you can find a bike that perfectly suits their specific interests.

In partnership with Canadian Tire, we've come up with a list of amazing bikes that any kid would be stoked to ride.

Disney's Frozen bikes

If your kid has seen the movie 100 times and can quote every line from Elsa and Anna, chances are they'd love the Disney Frozen Tricycle, or the 18-inch Frozen Kids' Bike, built for ages 6 – 9. The bike is blue and white and is decorated with all the characters from the hit movie. With snowflake pedals, grips and streamers, no other bike will make your kid feel like they're in the kingdom of Arendelle than this one. If your kids are younger, don't fret. Frozen bikes are also available in a 12-inch design.

Superhero bikes

Comics are still as popular as ever. And if your kid can't stop talking about the latest blockbuster, then they'll love the Marvel Spider-Man Kids' Bike, which has a nifty plastic web than runs in front of the handlebars, along with web-like spokes. Fit for any little superhero, this ride comes in both 12 and 16-inch designs.

If Black Panther has captured their imagination, check out the 16-inch Black Panther Kids' Bike. The single-speed bike, suitable for ages 5 - 8, features a graphic handlebar plaque that proudly showcases this favourite superhero.

Another great superhero ride is the 14-inch Marvel's Avengers Kids' Bike. Perfect for ages 4 - 6, this single-speed bike is covered in colourful Avengers characters, and includes removable training wheels so when your child is ready, they can ride on two-wheels comfortably and stylishly.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse bikes

It's not surprising that Disney-themed bikes are some of the most popular among kids. If your child is between ages 2 - 5 and just starting out on two wheels, then the Minnie Mouse Balance Bike or Mickey Mouse Balance Bike are the perfect fit. The Minnie version, available in 12 or 16-inch, has slick pink spokes and a polka dot seat, while the Mickey version, also 12-inch, has red spokes with a race-car design along the frame.

Blue bikes

There is no other colour that suits a bike better. And if your kid insists on everything they own to be blue, then the 14-inch Supercycle Kickstart Bike is for them. Designed to simplify the experience of learning to ride, this bike is decked out in blue and comes with a bike assistance handle for parents, removable training wheels, and adjusts for ages 3-6.

If they're older, around 7 - 10 years old and want something for longer rides, the 20-inch Supercycle Charge Youth Bike is a great option which will make it fun for them to explore the outdoors.

Purple cruisers

If your kid is all about pizazz, then the CCM Bloom Cruiser Bike or the Schwinn Jamboree Bike should be on your list. Both feature alloy rims and come with cruiser handlebars and coaster brakes, perfect for those between the ages of 5 - 9 who like a comfortable, leisurely ride. These are two ideal options for your child's first foray into biking and will grow as they learn, allowing them to extend.

Help your child to become a confident cyclist and enjoy a new sense of adventure with support from Canadian Tire.

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