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The Best Page Turners Will Make You Forget Candy Crush Exists

25 Books That Are More Addictive Than Candy Crush
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Friends, it is time to put down the phone, and pick up a book.

No, it's not just because your digital device is probably messing up your sleep, and scrunching up your neck muscles. Instead, it's to stop the panicked feeling so many of us get when we're without our smartphone for a few minutes, a reaction that's been likened to addiction.

We've decided to replace the instant gratification of video games and social media "likes" with one that takes just a bit longer — crazily compelling, plot-driven books that will have you flipping pages late into the night.

Of course, we acknowledge that all book recommendations are subjective, so consider this list a starting-off point for fiction to try out this summer. There are plenty of (previously published) series included, which means you can satisfy your craving for the next one in as much time as it would take to check your email.

Check out 25 of the best page turners ever:

The Thirteenth Tale

25 Addictive Page Turners

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