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Tea isn't just tasty, it's healthy too!

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world besides water, but unlike water, tea comes in a wide variety of flavours and can even be infused into other types of food and drink.

But with such a wide selection of teas to choose from, the problem can be finding the right brew for you. Picking the perfect tea can involve a lot of factors, including taste, sensitivity to caffeine and desire for a particular physical or mental effect.

According to Toronto-based health and nutrition expert Rosanna Lee, regular brewed tea makes for a great, low-calorie, mid-day treat — plus it keeps you hydrated. But drinking tea isn't just a good option for weight control. Different teas can also have different effects on your gut, brain and muscles, thanks to their ingredients.

While the caffeine in coffee, for example, gets praise for reducing the risk of a stroke, some teas can contain up to 70 mg of caffeine per cup, slightly less than a cup of joe, according to the Mayo Clinic, meaning they'll have the same effect.

Meanwhile, stimulants like peppermint are also known to help relax stomach muscles, allowing for gas to pass and bloating to decrease.

Of course, if you're loading up your cuppa with cream, sugar, honey or milk, you might be counteracting any benefits in your brew. Lee suggests limiting sweeteners and opting for skim milk or low-fat dairy alternatives in place of full fat milk.

Take a look at six types of tea she suggests for the most health benefits per cup:

Ginger Tea

Teas For Health

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