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The Coffee Project: Our Readers Tell Us Their Stories About Coffee


Earlier this week we asked you how you took your coffee and hundreds of you responded. We're crunching the numbers and will be able to say just how many of our readers are Tim Hortons addicts and how many of you prefer only the finest brew from indie coffee shops.

In the poll we also asked you for your best coffee story. Did you meet a girlfriend at your local coffee shop. Did you have a memorable moment over a greasy spoon cup of coffee? Dozens of you shared your stories with us. Here are a few of our favourites. Thank you!

Some of these stories have been edited for clarity, spelling and grammar.

International Language Lessons

I teach Grade 7 and 8 English at an international school in Sweden. As a lesson starter I often use Canadian pop culture terms. This week they have learned the terms: double-double, Iced Cap, drive-thru and Timbit. — @cartimanda

A Shared Moment

I would say my love for coffe began as a small girl, when my grandfather would take his coffee breaks, and pour me a cream and sugar with a bit of coffee to join him!! I have loved the taste and smell of coffee my whole life!! — @lynnkres

Started At Age Four!

I am a coffee addict. I started sneaking coffee into my milk at my granmother's when I was 4 years old and never really stopped. — @anastasialast

Tips From An Expert

Definitely an addict. The secret to making really delicious coffee with instant drip is to open up the top soon after the coffee first trickles down and stir it until it's foamy on top. stir it once more halfway through or just before it's finished. also, grind it slightly more than they tell you to. — Oscar Parson

The Best And Worst Cup

I drank my first coffee the morning of July 2nd. My dad took me to the McDonalds drive-thru to get breakfast after spending the night at my mom's bedside. I was 15. She died a couple of hours after my dad dropped me off to home to sleep. It might have been the best and worst coffee of my entire life. I'm a proud coffee addict today. — @ThisMajorGal

Falling In Love

I am 46 and have been drinking coffee since I was 15. definitely an addict but if it wasn't for my addiction to coffee, I never would have met my wife 19 years ago. she was my barista at the local coffee shop which was close to my workplace. the coffee at work was absolutely terrible which caused me to go up to the mall at lunchtime and get a real cup of coffee and eventually a wife! — Rob McKitrick

Ow, Ow, Ow

No, I don't consider myself to be a coffee addict. My most memorable coffee incident was when my best friend and I first started hanging out, we had gone to 7/11 for some french vanilla coffee. So this was back in 2005. Well anyway, I had a band performance before, so I was in my all black uniform. We had just gotten back from sev and I had put my coffee in between my legs, then out of no where, she moves the car and the coffee spills onto my lap. After that day, we became best friends and still talk about that story. — @_reallyjenn

20+ Cups A Day!

I used to drink 20+ cups a day, then switch to colas when the coffee didn't work later in the shift. I did this routine for a year then started to have health problems. I quit drinking caffiene altogether, and stuck with water alone. This really helped ease me from the dependence. Now I have a few cups a day and drink water heavily in between cups. — Anonymous

Turning Lives Around

Yes I am an addict! Love smell the taste! As a Youth at Risk worker I use to canvas the offices in ours and neighbouring buildings collecting roll-up the rim to win free coffee/food coupons that people didn’t want and give them out to our street youth. Several years later I meet one of our former youth who now works in a bank as a manager. He said that a warm cup of coffee kept going and now he does the same thing collecting the coupons and giving them to local charities. — Dee Jay

Don't Spill It

I love to enjoy a coffee first thing on a Sunday morning (who doesn't). I took my coffee outside, as I usually do, to read a book. Like any normal human would do, I sat in my lawn chair without so much of a glance at it. I fell right through, landing with a huge *thump* as my butt collided with the cement balcony. Coffee was split all down my legs and all over my book. The chair had somehow gave me numerous deep scratches all over my legs (many which have scarred). I wasn't upset that I ruined my chair, book or legs. But that I wasted a perfectly good cup of coffee. — @samantha_idol

That's Love

My now-husband, who is an avid non-coffee-drinker would drive 20 minutes out of his way to pick me up a coffee on his way to my house, just because he knew I liked that's love, lol — Anonymous

A Scenic Cup

To this day, the best coffee I've ever had was at a little farmhouse at the top of a mountain in a scientific reserve in the Dominican Republic. I had hiked there with a small group of fellow students, barefoot because my shoe had broken. We were welcomed with water and snacks and then, later, with this strong, sweet, black deliciousness in a tiny chipped porcelain cup. — @gheroux85

We're Jealous

I make my strong French Press coffee early in the morning, pour it piping hot into a travel mug and gather up the dogs and watch the sun Coe up from our point overlooking the great Pacific Ocean. What a way to start a Gulf Islands day! — Cynthia Barrett


Once a multi-beverage coffee machine got stuck and dispensed coffee mocha, hot chocolate, and chicken soup all at once..... I called it "moka-choka-chicken". — Armando

Just Desserts

my romance with coffee started when I was 18. I had left home moved 3,500 miles away. My first cup was accompanied with a fresh coconut and banana cream pie. The combination is to die for. — Nina Halliday

A Cup Of Comfort

I work in Paramedicine. I was a Supervisor of the EMS system of Halifax the morning after Hurricane Juan. Since my family and home was miraculously safe after the most dangerous act of nature I have ever witnessed I went to work. My house like thousands of others had no power. I called my Communications Centre to find out which Tim Horton's had power as I always have a Horton's in the morning, it's been my habit for more than 35 years. I drove downtown and found the line up to be more than an hour long. I decided that it would be irresponsible to wait so I went to my work, the headquarters for the Halifax Ambulance Service. That building was without power, but the one generator they had, a relatively small one was in use making primarily making coffee for all that worked there. I did not have a chance to drink that coffee however as I was directed to the Emergency Operation Centre for the province to represent EMS. I drove the 15 minutes through my home town of Dartmouth that looked as if it was bombed by determined enemy forces. Once at the Emergency Centre my first order of business after I was told where my I was to be stationed that day was to get my morning coffee. I clearly remember how important it was for me and I suspect the thousands of others lining up for coffee and using their generators first to make coffee to drink my first java of the day. That first coffee is both an assurance that things are unfolding as they should and it gives the expected lift after being deprived during sleep. Coffee has become a primary necessity indicating all will be well despite the hopefully momentary setback of the latest problem/calamity. — @frankltjohnston

First Love

I met my first girlfriend at a Tim Horton 's. It was the first Tim Horton's ever built, in Hamilton,Ontario. I will never forget the name of the street, Ottawa Street. I started drinking coffee at the age of fifteen. I met my sweet 16 at Tim Horton's, and I will keep drinking it. — John Sikirc


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