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The Effects Of Clutter And Why You Need To Get Organized Now

But there is one plus to having a messy desk ...

You know we're living in a society overrun with clutter when a housewares executive admits the world has too much stuff.

Sure, owning a lot of things might feel nice at first, but when you run out of room to store everything, you might start to feel overwhelmed.

In the infographic below by The Oka Blog, we learn the effects of clutter on your work and personal life. Besides causing embarrassment, Oka reports that 28 per cent of employers admit they are less likely to promote a person with a disorganized work space.

But it's not all bad news. According to the Association For Psychological Science, a messy desk might actually help you be more creative.

Still, there are a lot more positives to living and working in an organized space, especially when it comes to feeling relaxed and accomplished. Check out the slideshow below for more tips on decluttering your life.

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