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The Gravy Train: Toronto Duo Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Dip-Based Restaurant

If you've been following Toronto politics over the last two years, you'll know that Mayor Rob Ford really dislikes the gravy train.

We never understood why. Gravy is delicious. It's the one thing that can save Thanksgiving. It's the thing that you soak up off your plate with your dinner roll and it's what you lick off your fingers when you're almost done your meal.

Fortunately for Torontonians, two restaurateurs totally believe gravy (and other related dips) are awesome. They're even raising funds on Indiegogo to start up their delicious-sounding restaurant, The Gravy Train.

"Our menu is designed around an array of gourmet gravy, delightful dips, savoury sauces and scrumptious spreads. Most of these items are homemade, with some created exclusively for us by popular local chefs. We also feature dips produced in small batches and bottled by companies who share our passion for high-quality ingredients," duo James Applegath and Craig Brissenden write on their indiegogo page.

Perks for helping James and Craig launch their restaurants include a meal for one ($15) to dipstravaganza (my word, not theirs) for you and nine of your friends ($1000). The duo hope to open their spot in early 2013.

Bonus, with two years left in his term, the owners of The Gravy Train are sure to get more free advertising from Mayor Rob Ford. If they're lucky, the mayor may even eat at their place. Just because he wants to stop the gravy train, doesn't mean he can't eat at The Gravy Train.

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