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Amy Schumer Can't Watch 'The Handmaid's Tale' Since Having A Baby

Welcome to the club. Everything is ruined.

There’s a lot a new mom might not feel she was adequately prepared for.

There’s childbirth, for one, and everything that happens to your body in the postpartum period. There’s the utter exhaustion of being a new parent. Oh, and Adult. Diapers.

But few are warned that having a baby can ruin your favourite television shows, and that’s something comedian Amy Schumer is just now coming to terms with.

“Oh ok so I can’t watch handmaids anymore. #filledwithregret,” Schumer wrote on Instagram Tuesday, along with a photo of her holding her newborn, Gene.

The third season of “The Handmaid’s Tale”— a Hulu series based on Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel of the same name — finally started June 5 (it will be available on Bravo June 9).

In the show, women no longer have rights in an alternate version of the United States, now known as Gilead. “Handmaids” are a class of women who are forced to have children for powerful men. They typically wear modest red cloaks and white bonnets.

The TV series has won critical acclaim at the Golden Globes and the Emmys.

It’s also dark and disturbing AF, which can be super entertaining ... until you have a baby and the thought of someone ripping yours out of your arms is enough to send you into an anxiety-spiral of despair and OH MY GOD TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF.

What we’re saying, Amy, is welcome to the club. You can also no longer watch nature documentaries (the young always get eaten), the news (everything is terrible), and if you ever read or watched “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” enjoy being being haunted by it for the rest of your life.

But praise be, there are still plenty of shows new parents can enjoy without turning into a puddle of hormonal tears or moving their family into a bunker.

Might we recommend “Workin’ Moms” and “The Letdown” to get you started?

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