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The Ikea Song: Brad Go Creates Music Video Using Ikea Product Names (WATCH, PHOTOS)

Ikea can be a complete nightmare to visit: it's always busy, you can very easily get lost wandering the showroom and trying to find a product by its Swedish name is next to impossible.

So this Monday, we're honouring a man who's made a trip to Ikea seem downright dreamy: Brad Go.

The New York-based musician recently posted a video to YouTube that sees him frolicking through an Ikea store while trying to woo a gal using the names of Ikea furniture.

Click through the video's lyrics for a handy translation of what the company's Swedish brand names mean.

This isn't, of course, the first time an online video about Ikea has gone viral. There was the a 'Breaking Up In Ikea' skit and the "glamorous Porta-Potty" video.

Still, this one has to be our favourite.

Check out the video above, and some of the latest looks from Ikea's new line in the below slideshow.

Ikea Sneak Peek

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