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The Internet Is Losing It Over These Live Leaf Tattoos

Now this is seriously cool.

If you're looking into getting a tattoo, you might want to considering taking a more natural root...yes, root.

Ukrainian tattoo artist, Rita "Rit Kit" Zolotukhina, has Instagrammers obsessing over her "Live Leaf Tattoos," a somewhat organic spin on your classic tat.

Creating the permanent works of art by dipping different types of leaves in tattoo stencil ink, Zolotukhina then presses them directly onto her clients' skin, creating a flora masterpiece with the leaf's shape.

After removing the stencil, Rita then tattoos over the imprint, adding colour and texture to craft a nearly identical image to the original plant.

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"I’m a nature lover, so most of my sketches are related to flora," the Ukrainian tattoo artist told Illusion magazine in an interview. "But the more I drew, the more I wanted something fresh and native, to feel the plants without any steps in between."

With nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram, Rita has shared everything from fern tats to lavender inks.


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Rit Kit told illusion that Live Leaf Tats are her favourite to create for customers, as she never knows how the end result will turn out.

"We don’t know the definitive look when we start, just the colours, the mood and basic shape," she told the mag. "It’s my favorite way to make tattoos, and I think the most natural. They’re like botanical fingerprints on the bodies of other brave nature lovers."

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Talk about a fresh and natural spin on your average tattoo!

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