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Heartbreaking Jaw Surgery Photos

In a country obsessed with beauty, one South Korean woman took her quest to look "perfect" too far.

In shocking before-and-after photos, the woman's heartbreaking transformation is clearly visible: the before pic shows a gorgeous woman with delicate features and an oval face and the after pic shows her drastic new jawline with a prominent pointy chin and high cheekbones as well as larger eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, South Koreans have more plastic surgery than in any other country; approximately 1 in 5 Seoul women go under the knife.

Other popular forms of cosmetic surgery includes double eyelid surgery to make eyes appear larger and nose jobs.

According to Gizmodo, Jayhun has "looked this way for years" and the angle of the photos make the surgery look more dramatic than it actually is.

Maybe she and the "real life Ken doll" should get together.

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