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We aren't so different from our American neighbours after all.
Pink Cherry Blossoms Behind Blank Street Signs via Getty Images
Pink Cherry Blossoms Behind Blank Street Signs

When you travel across Canada and prepare yourself to enjoy all the new things different cities and towns have to offer, prepare yourself for one thing — wherever you are, you'll probably always find yourself on Second Street.

That's because the numerical value is the most common street name in the country, according to new data released by The 10 and 3 today. The study, which was directly inspired by FiveThirtyEight's look at America's street names, found an easy tie-in between the two: Second, or 2nd, is the street name used most often in both nations.

As FiveThirtyEight explained, this is thanks to Second usually taking the spot after the municipality's main street is, which of course will vary depending on where you are (and yes, often can be Main St.).

The top ten most common street names in Canada. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST FROM THE 10 AND 3.

Taking into account both English and French names (they combined words like "église," for example, into the list for "church" in order to fully assess the country), The 10 and 3 found one significant — and we think, kind of charming — difference between Canada and its southern neighbours: the word "maple" came in sixth on the list, showing that Canadian pride runs deep.

Other trends of note included many streets named for royalty (if you added all the references together, that would take the top spot), and elements of nature, which is both appropriate for our scenic country and also, appropriately benign for our polite country. (To be fair, the U.S. had no less than 22 references to nature in their list of 50 street names, while we had 29 in a list of 80.)

Frankly, we look forward to what the next generation of street namers might bring to the table — maybe they'll mix it up with a few nods to donairs and poutine. We can only hope.


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