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The Most Dangerous Foods You Can BBQ

With the arrival of July, barbecuing is becoming more of a weekday dinner norm. From vegetables to meats to even baked goods, you can grill just about anything these days.

But as careful as we are when it comes to cooking in our kitchens to avoid food poisoning or cross contamination, it seems like when we start grilling, we tend to forget all the rules. In a FOX5 video, Dr. Mitchel Goldman from the University of California, San Diego shares his list of foods he considers the most dangerous to grill or eat at an outdoor party.

The video goes over the general rules of food preparation, food poisoning and the proper temperatures at which to cook meats, for example, on your grill. Beef, pork, lamb and veal, for example, must be cooked at 145 degrees (or more) on the grill, while poultry should be 165 degrees.

Goldman also talks about the potential dangers of other non-grilled foods you eat outdoors — including egg salad and potato salad.

And while some studies find barbecuing can expose foods to cancer-causing chemicals found in charcoal smoke, you can avoid your risk by cooking food in smaller pieces, choosing leaner meats and constantly working on your flipping techniques.

So which one is the worst? The chicken breast or the hamburger? Watch the video to find out:

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