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The Nap Paradox, in Rhyme

The Nap Paradox, in Rhyme
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One nap, two naps, three naps, four;

Why's my newborn such a bore?

Come on, wake up!

It's time to play!

My dear, don't sleep the day away.

I know you're sleeping...


I noticed your bedroom door isn't quite shut.

Just one little peek,

Perhaps a brush of your hair.

There's so much going on in the world out there!

While you're sleeping, my child,

For hours at a time,

You're missing things that are simply sublime.

I don't want to wake you,

But let me just see...

Are your eyes really closed,

Or are you waiting for me?

Oh, look! Wide awake now,

Must be time for a hug.

A story, or tummy time down on the rug.

Your Mommy is thrilled that nap time is over.

Let's get out for a walk in your shiny, new stroller!

Showing you off, I'm as proud as can be.

You're so tiny and portable, I can take you for tea.

Meet up with my girlfriends who are new mommies, too;

Play dates at the park or a stroll through the zoo.

Fast forward 12 months

And, goodness - I'm tired.

You once slept all day

But now you're so wired.

I've tried everything, but naps disappeared.

I shudder to think that I once interfered.

Why won't you just sleep?

Please lie down and rest.

Mama needs a break, too,

So she can be at her best.

I'll make you a deal:

Just one quiet hour,

From Monday to Friday

So that I can shower.

All alone, by myself,

With the door closed all the way,

To be still with my thoughts just once every day.

I'm telling you this - you need it, that nap.

And I need it to, or else I might snap.

I can't believe that I once woke you up!

Why on earth would any sane parent interrupt

A precious and beautiful thing like your sleep,

When you were so tiny and easy and made nary a peep?

That's it, it is settled -

I'll tell every new mom:

"Just let that baby sleep!"

I'll preach it like psalm.

"Don't ye brag there on Facebook

That your babe sleeps all day,

That ye don't know what to do

With all the time sent your way.

Because, mark my words,

The day will soon come

That you're begging for me-time

When naps aren't rule of thumb."

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