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The Rakhri Zone By Jus Reign Is Basically The Indian Version Of The Friend Zone (VIDEO)

The 'Rakhri Zone' Will Make Every Single Indian Laugh Out Loud

For anyone who is familiar with the friend zone (you know, when someone sees you just as a friend and you'd rather be a sexual or love partner), this Indian take will make you laugh out out.

Canadian comedian and YouTuber Jus Reign (real name Jasmeet Singh), who is also known for his freakishly accurate portrayal of Drake's "Worst Behaviour," has come out with a new video in honour of Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu and Sikh holiday that was celebrated this past weekend.

Raksha Bandhan usually focuses on men getting a rakhri (a thin string) around their wrists from their sisters to celebrate both love and protection. In return, the brother usually gives his sister a gift. In other words, getting a rakhri basically indicates there is NO way you're considered more than friend. No way.

Watch the video above and share with those who got rakhris this weekend.

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