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The Scary Girl From 'The Ring' Looks Very Different Now

Back in 2002, the spastic, erratic and just plain horrifying girl from "The Ring" gave us nightmares.

The North American version of horror movie "The Ring" (adapted from the Japanese original "Ringu") was one of the first contemporary films to employ the convulsing creepy girl as a spook factor, and now you'd be hard-pressed to find a modern scare film without it.

Daveigh Chase played Samara Morgan, the girl who infamously crept towards the camera in her nightgown when you watched the videotape. She would climb out of your TV screen and into your house, eventually bringing about your death. Recall:

Buzzfeed recently found Chase's Instagram account, and suffice it to say she looks nothing like Samara.

Now 24, the actress is soaking up the California sun and enjoying life. Her life is anything but black-and-white. Her profile description is, simply, "Bitch, don't kill my vibe." As long as you don't kill us, we're good with anything. Here she is now:


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