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The Sexiest Accent In The World Is Up For Debate, In Our Opinon

The Country With The Sexiest Accent In The World Is ..

What is it, exactly, about hearing words you already know oh-so-well said in a different accent that makes them so damn sexy?

Unless you're completely immune to the charms of a rolled R or a drawled y'all, you know there are certain accents that will just make you swoon, especially when they're whispering sweet little nothings in your ear. City guide publication Time Out decided to do a somewhat scientific study to figure out just which country's accent rules the language of love.

In their 2015 Dating Survey, the magazine (which has sites in 36 countries) asked 11,000 participants about their particular preferences when it comes to everything from how they feel about being single to how long it takes to decide there will be a second date. And of course, they inquired as to which accent (other than their own) do people find the sexiest.

The answer? The British accent, something that we assume can be attributed to the likes of James Bond, Idris Elba (who hopefully will be James Bond) and David Beckham, among other sexy Anglophiles.

In past surveys by other publications, places ranging from Ireland to France have taken the top spot, leading us to wonder .. is there a bit of a European bias here?

While American accents came in second place, Canada was nowhere to be found on the survey, so we're just going to go ahead and assume people think we sound the same as Americans and claim that silver medal.

Check out the full list of sexiest accents from Time Out, and let us know your judgments in the comment below:

#1: British

Sexiest Accents In The World

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