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The Squinch Takes On Tyra Banks' Smize (VIDEO)

Squinching Is The New Smizing

The smize is out and the squinch is firmly in.

A couple of years ago, "America's Next Top Model" host Tyra Banks taught us how to put on our best supermodel face with the "smize" a.k.a. smiling with your eyes. (A smize how-to: Relax your face, tilt your head down slightly, avoid pouting or smiling and squint. Smize away!)

But the latest trick to looking hot in front of the camera comes courtesy of portraitist Peter Hurley, who has created a helpful video tutorial on how to squinch, which he claims is "the most incredible tip for looking photogenic."

What is squinching, you ask?

Well, it basically involves squinting ever so slightly so that you look confident and sexy. But note, squinching is not squinting! The difference lies in how you close your eyes: When you squint, your eyes are almost completely hidden à la Renee Zellweger before her maybe plastic surgery, which gives you a bit of a scared look. When you squinch, "you’re lifting and tightening the lower eyelid, while only letting the top one come down a hair."

So there you have it folks. Squinch away when your photo is inevitably taken at all the upcoming holiday parties.

Tyra is an expert at the smize:

April 1993

Tyra Banks Style Evolution

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