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The Wiggles 'The Toilet Song' Is Designed To Help Kids With Potty Training

And it has a cool Canadian connection!
The Wiggles' new song about potty training is a collaboration with Skyship Entertainment.
YouTube/Super Simple Songs
The Wiggles' new song about potty training is a collaboration with Skyship Entertainment.

Finally, there's a new song for kids that parents will actually want to play on repeat.

The massively popular Australian children's entertainers The Wiggles released their newest soon-to-be hit called "The Toilet Song," on Thursday, and it's designed to help kids learn to potty train. The song is a collaboration with Canadian company Skyship Entertainment's Super Simple Songs, which provided the animation for the video.

It challenges kids to sit on the toilet for the duration of the ditty. We never thought we'd say this to the group responsible for "Do The Propeller!" being on a constant loop in our lives, but ... bless you, The Wiggles. Bless. You.

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"The Toilet Song" is the result of parents lobbying The Wiggles for years, Anthony "Blue Wiggle" Field said in an interview with Moms.

"Parents have been asking for the 30 years The Wiggles have been together," Field said.

"We've always thought about it, but it's a really sensitive subject," he added, explaining that potty training can be difficult for kids and parents and that they wanted to get the song just right. Field described his own experience toilet training his daughter as "quite traumatic."

"You have to make it fun," Field said.

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"The Toilet Song" makes potty training into a game, gently asking kids to sit on the toilet "like a prince or a princess on a throne" in what they call "the toilet challenge."

"Can you take the toilet challenge? Can you sit on the toilet for this whole song? And at the end you can press the button to flush. How does that sound?" Lachy "Purple Wiggle" Gillespie croons during an animation of two young kids running over to the toilet excitedly.

Throughout the song, Emma "Yellow Wiggle" Watkins asks the kids if they feel anything coming and encourages them to keep trying.

"Enjoy our brand new potty-training song, animated by our friends at Super Simple Songs!" The Wiggles wrote on Instagram Thursday.

"Collaborating with The Wiggles has been a huge thrill for all of us at Super Simple/Skyship Entertainment," Devon Thagard,co-founder of Toronto-based Skyship Entertainment, wrote in a post on their website.

"The Wiggles clearly love what they do. It's infectious."

In honour of the special launch, Super Simple even posted an impressive video by Downtown Dough T.O., a Toronto bakerythat created an Emma cookie and ...wait... is that "Do The Propeller!" in the background?!

We apologize.

But for all the parents out there looking for help to encourage their little ones to wiggle their butts onto a toilet, "The Toilet Song" could be the ticket.

The Wiggles will also be introducing it into their upcoming shows, the group noted in a press release.

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