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Ladies Poke Fun Of The Thigh Gap Trend In Best Way Possible

No thigh gap? No problem! Now the most sought-after trend is coming to a store near you!

In a genius ad made by comedy group JustBoobs, the ridiculousness of the thigh gap phenomenon is brought to light. The trend perpetuates the belief that being beautiful means being thin enough to have a space between your thighs. However, this is clearly an unrealistic—not to mention unhealthy—goal.

“Is your body crap because you don't have the space between your thighs that everyone knows is the ONLY standard for beauty?” reads the video’s description on YouTube.

Starring Stephanie Carrie, Elizabeth Bond, Melissa Rojas and Kate McDaniel, the sketch features the women raving about the new Thigh Gap jeans. These are essentially jeans that come with a small wooden stick that is placed between your upper thighs to create the long, sought-after gap.

“The scars are a constant reminder of the sins of my womanly figure!” one woman exclaims in the clip. The video’s slogan, “Because you aren't good enough,” then flashes at the end.

The thigh gap trend originated last year and has since inspired the creation of new diets and workouts for women. What’s even worse is that the craze became so big, that even clothing stores began to change their approach to advertising. Old Navy and Target, for instance, have both been caught in extreme Photoshop fails promoting the thigh gap’s dangerous standards.

With the thigh gap trend spiraling out of control, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who think the phenomenon is just as ridiculous as it truly is. So bravo to the ladies of JustBoobs for giving the public a much needed reality check.

Jennie Runk

Body Image Heroes

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