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Things To Do In Quebec City For A Thrilling Getaway

What to do, where to go and things to eat in Quebec City.

A visit to Quebec City can feel like ancient history for anyone struggling to remember those overnight trips from grade school. But if you're looking for an excuse to refresh your memory, now's the time to give it a second chance.

While the city's certainly rich in history, that's just the tip of the cannon for what Quebec's capital has to offer. Between picturesque backdrops along the St. Lawrence River, eateries offering you a taste of local fare and uncovering gorgeous canyons, it's understandable to feel a little lost on where to start.

Fortunately, "Like A Tourist" host Emily Anonuevo and Quebec City local Emilie Croteau have teamed up to suss out a trip that'll please locals and visiting thrill-seekers alike. Here are some of their picks.

Where To Go: Musee Royal 22E Regiment Citadelle De Quebec

1 Cote de la Citadelle, Quebec City, Quebec

Canada's home to plenty of museums but few run double duty as actual fortresses. At La Citadelle de Quebec, visitors step back through 300 years of history to when Canada was just a colony in the British Empire (fun fact: the fortress was actually built by the British). Be sure to check out the cannons as they're some of the largest in the city and even have their own nicknames.

What To Eat: Northern Canada Cuisine At Chez Boulay Bistro Boreal

110 Saint-Jean St.

Chefs Arnaud Marchand and Jean-Luc Boulay's commitment to serving local, Canadian food not only means produce and meats from Quebec City farmers but dishes that aim to give a taste of Canadian's boreal forest. Expect platters filled with smoked northern pike pâté, cured goose breast with peppery green alder and dishes accompanied by Gaspésie seaweed.

What To Do: Get Stuck Behind A Waterfall With Projet Vertical

206, Route 138 Est, PO BOX 2087, Beaupré, Quebec

If you must find yourself stuck behind a waterfall, you might as well do it at the Canyon Sainte-Anne. It's one of the spots where climbing company Projet Vertical takes visitors looking for a different side of Quebec City. First-time thrill-seekers will want to take advantage of company's "continuous line" — a guided climb that keeps the adrenaline flowing but keeps safety risks low. See how it works in the video above.

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