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'This Is A Generic Brand Video' Is Every Cliché That Ever Was

What do you get when you take a poem containing almost every business cliché and pair it with stock footage?

You get a hilarious ad titled, "This Is a Generic Brand Video."

The hilarious, buzzword-heavy clip comes from Calgary-based stock footage provider Dissolve, which based its parody on a McSweeney's piece by Kendra Eash.

"The minute we saw Kendra Eash’s brilliant (poem)... we knew it was our moral imperative to make that generic brand video so," Dissolve explains on its website.

"No surprise, we had all the footage."

A narrator who sounds like actor Sam Elliott speaks over images of a bald eagle, a high-speed bullet train and scientists working in a lab, among other things.

"Here’s some powerful, rushing water / And people planting trees / Our policies could be related to these panoramic views of Costa Rica," the narrator sardonically explains.

It's a perfect send-up of advertising hacks who peddle empty messages to the world.

Click on the video above to catch the funny, but sad, truth in advertising and check out Eash's full piece here.

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