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Those Who Walk To Work Are Happier Than Everyone Else, Say Researchers

We're not really surprised.

Walking to work might make you happy and that's a good reason to get off the bus a few stops early.

According to a 2014 study from McGill University, commuters who walked to work tend to be happier than those who take transportation.

After surveying more than 3,300 commuters at McGill, researchers discovered train commuters were second happiest followed by cyclists then drivers. Subway and bus riders were found to be the least happy.

The survey, which inquired about commutes both in the winter and summer, also took distance into consideration and unsurprisingly found the longer a person travelled to work, the more unhappy they claimed to be.

A similar study in the U.K. looked at the overall well-being of commuters who switched from cars and buses to bikes and walking and noticed an improvement in their overall health and happiness, BBC News reports.

Of course walking to work or school isn't an option for everyone, so if transportation is your go-to mode try catching the bus at the next stop or getting off a little early and if you're driving try parking at the back of the lot. It might not be convenient, but it might just make you smile.

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