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Three Words That Could Change Your Christmas This Year

Three Words That Could Change Your Christmas This Year

"I love you," "I am sorry," and "Please help me." How often do you say these words? When I was asked, I first thought, I am pretty good at shelling out these words, but on reflection, am I?

I can't remember the last time I said "I love you" to my husband. Perhaps because we've been together for close to 50 years, my love seems a given. But it is not really. Same with my kids, I think they know that I love them, but I rarely say the words -- there might be a quick "luv ya" at the end of a phone conversation, but never those formal three words.

And that I think is part of it. The formal piece. It almost feels that those words are saved for the wedding ceremony, the birth, the graduation, when someone is dying and the rest of the time, we show our love by our actions; by how we treat the other person, the hugs, the kisses and just being there.

There's different kinds of love too. There's the unconditional love I feel for my family, and then there's the love I feel for friends. Sadly, the love for friends can change over the years, as relationships evolve, but with family -- it's for keeps. At least, for me it is.

As for "I am sorry," perhaps as Canadians we do our share of this one. It would appear we're always apologizing for something. But again, it isn't the three words -- it might just be "sorry." I'd like to think, and I know in the past I have, said I am sorry when I have been out of line, made a mistake or hurt someone with my actions or words. It's not easy, no denying, but it makes you a bigger person when you can admit you were wrong.

Last but not least, "please help me." Now that one I have great difficulty with, asking for help is rarely in my vocabulary. Doing vulnerable is hard. Yet, over the years, I have had to do it, mainly because of health issues when I physically just can't manage, but even then it was difficult.

Like many women I am fiercely independent plus I mistakenly believe that I am the only one who can do a task a certain way. Newsflash! Other people can not only do it, but often much better than my attempts -- especially over anything technical. Actually in that instance, I don't ask for help directly, but I pull the pathetic princess stunt, and try to get people to do it for me. So you could say I am asking for help, just not officially.

As we approach the holiday season and families come together to celebrate, there may be occasion to use all three sentences. Be open to it. Ask for help if you need it, don't try to do it all yourself. Say sorry when you're out of line and most important, tell people you love them.

Christmas can be a stressful time for families, especially if there are rifts or personality clashes. Think about these three word sentences, use them and who knows they could turn the season around.

And here's my last three word sentence for you to ponder -- "Life is short."

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