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TikTok Math Tricks Are Blowing People’s Minds Right Now

She's a U.K.-based numbers whiz, especially with times tables.

TikTok is where we go to admire skateboarding heroes, laugh at the antics of Canadian himbo icons, and now apparently, finally enjoy math class.

“Maths With Miss Chang” has gained a loyal following on the popular app thanks to videos that make arithmetic easier to solve for visual learners — the U.K.-based TikTokker easily completes double-digit multiplication with a variety of artistic methods.

One method she uses is called “box multiplication,” which uses columns and rows to make numbers less overwhelming.

Some of her most popular videos show her using “lattice multiplication,” sometimes known as “Chinese multiplication:” technically the same as solving with long multiplication, these crossing lines help learners use a diagram to puzzle their equation out.

These tricks are nothing new and have long been taught in textbooks, but seeing them paired to trending music and presented in an appealing way might just inspire a generation to put lead to paper the next time they want to wow their friends.

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