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Tom Mulcair Gleefully Drops F-Bombs At Press Gallery Dinner

"Any ... pollsters here tonight? " Go f*ck yourselves."

At a roast of journalists and politicians, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair declared he gave "zero f*cks" and then proceeded to drop several of them in a memorable speech.

He and other party leaders spoke at this year's parliamentary press gallery dinner which celebrated the group's 150th anniversary on Saturday night.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair drops the microphone at the end of his press gallery dinner speech. (Photo: Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

The event is a night of self-effacing speeches and jabs at media and politicians alike, and Mulcair told everyone how he really felt. (Watch Mulcair's full speech above.)

"It's great to be here at the press gallery dinner and you know why? Because unlike every other person here tonight, I give zero f*cks," Mulcair said. He was voted out as leader of his party at their recent convention in Edmonton but is staying on until a new one is chosen.

"Any ... pollsters here tonight? Go f*ck yourselves," he said in front of the crowd at the Canadian Museum of History across the river from Parliament Hill.

Mulcair also took aim at various media outlets, reporters and other politicians before ending his segment with a literal mic drop, declaring, "Mulcair out."

Not to be outdone, Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose had some quality zingers of her own — many of them at the expense of former prime minister Stephen Harper.

"Stephen Harper actually loved humanity," she quipped. "It was just people that he couldn't stand."

In offering up suggestions for new slogans for the current Conservatives, Ambrose suggested: "The bad man is gone."

Harper never attended the press gallery dinner while serving as prime minister, but gave some sharp roasts as Opposition leader.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried out his comedic talent on Saturday night, but his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, stole the show from him. She sang a blues number and even demonstrated a yoga pose that would be helpful for politicians.

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