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Tommy Smythe's Design Tips: Sarah Richardson's Decor Partner-In-Crime Shares His Top Five (PHOTOS)


It's always better when designing together -- that's what Sarah Richardson and her right-hand-design-man Tommy Smythe believe.

In the latest season of their show "Sarah 101," the beloved Canadian pair will be offering viewers the building blocks (aka: tips and tricks) they need to redecorate or reinvent their own spaces.

Lucky for us (and you!), we have a line to these two trendsetting designers and they're sharing a few of the things they learned while filming this season (yes, pros still learn a thing or two after years in the game).

This week we chat with Smythe and nab his top five "learned" interior decorating tips.

Check them out in our slideshow below:

Pick A Fabric Scheme

Top Design Tips From Tommy Smythe

"Sarah 101" launches May 29 with back-to-back episodes starting at 8 p.m. ET.

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