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Top Three Anti-Cancer Foods

Although most fruits and veggies have preventative effects against cancer, these 3 have shown beneficial effects against many cancers, and their low cost makes it easy to help you prevent cancer.


Cabbage is linked to a lower risk of cancer of the lung, digestive tract, breast, and the prostate. The best way to eat it is raw, and chewing it releases its beneficial compounds, isothiocyanates. Enjoy 2 cups per day.


A European epidemiologic study confirms evidence from Chinese epidemiologic studies that onions lower the risk of several cancers, such as esophageal, oral cavity, colorectal, laryngeal, and ovarian cancers. The beneficial effects are due to flavonoids and organosulfur compounds (OSCs). Enjoy at least an onion a day.


Apples and apple juice contain numerous cancer-fighting phenolic compounds, and the apples are less expensive than juices. Apples have antimutagenic and antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effects, and antiproliferative activity. The beneficial compounds are distributed in the pulp, peel, and core. Apple products help prevent skin, mammary and colon carcinogenesis in animal models. Epidemiological research suggests that consumption of one or more apples a day can reduce the risk for lung, colon, and renal cancer. A large Finnish cohort study showed that the risk for lung cancer was significantly reduced by 60 % in men who ate >47 g/day of apples compared to those who did not eat apples, and the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), a large prospective cohort study conducted in the USA, showed a significant reduced risk for lung cancer among women for increases of 1 serving per day of apples (or pears).

Of course the lowest priced produce will vary by season. To obtain even more savings, get yourself a store loyalty card, and plan your weekly menu according to what's on sale. Many competing stores are close to each other, so if they don't have a specific product on sale at your favorite store, go to another.

A healthy anticancer diet doesn't have to be expensive, and enjoying the above products will help you protect your family and yourself from many cancers.

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