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Top 30 Superhero Songs: A Music Playlist For Fan Expo Canada

WATCH: Top 30 Superhero Songs

Movie franchises like "Superman," "Wolverine," "Spider-Man," and "Iron Man" continue proving that the appetite for superheroes in our lives is endless. But film isn't the only medium to romanticize the adventures of caped crusaders. For decades, musicians have been belting out tributes to these same super-powered heroes and villains.

With the massive Fan Expo convention, also known as — "Comic Con North" — rolling into Toronto from August 22-25, we here at HuffPost Music Canada felt it was the perfect opportunity to slide into our Wonder Woman underoos and hunt down 30 of the best superhero songs we know of.

Our finds range from Paul McCartney singing about Magneto and Method Man rapping about The Riddler to Queen exalting Flash Gordon and Our Lady Peace mourning Superman. Plus, Prince batdancing and songs about Hulk, Silver Surfer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even the classic comic crossover "Secret Wars!"

Click to launch the slideshow below and Biff! Bang! Pow! your way through these super songs.

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