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Toronto, Calgary Growth Animation Videos Show Decades Of Construction In Seconds

Anyone who lives in one of Canada’s major cities (particularly Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver) knows how quickly these cities’ skylines change.

Canada’s metropolitan areas have been booming for decades — for much of their existence, really. The Toronto metro area’s population in 1950 was just more than one million; today there are some six million people in the Greater Toronto Area.

It’s one thing to know this, another to watch it happen in a matter of seconds. That’s what Cube Cities has done with a series of computer-animated videos the company published in the past few weeks.

According to Fast Company magazine, the videos combine Google Earth data with real estate statistics to show how Toronto’s skyscrapers seemingly sprouted out of nothing over the decades (see video above).

Cube Cities, which specializes in digital commercial property mapping, made the videos for a number of North American cities. Here’s the one for Calgary:

Here's midtown Manhattan:


San Francisco:

You can watch more videos at Cube Cities' website if you have a Google Earth plugin for your browser.

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